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Municipal Roofing Services

Harrison Roofing has proudly installed and maintained the roofs of some of the most iconic municipal buildings in Central and West Texas. For new projects, we will work closely with the architects and engineers to ensure that the new roof looks just as good as the new building. We also strive for the highest standards in energy efficiency in order to help keep operation costs low. While efficieny is always our highest priority, that does not mean that we must make sacrifices when it comes to aesthetics. We have a wide range of energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions including the Duro-Last roofing system.

Updating and repairing existing roofs is another one of the many services that we offer. Our highly trained team of professional roofers can evaluate your existing roof and provide solutions for repair or improved energy efficiency. Our installation team is flexible when it comes to working around your own hours of operation. We can complete a roofing installation with minimal interferance with your day to day activites and business.

TIPS/TAPS Cooperative Purchasing

At Harrison Roofing we understand that it is important for school districts and municipalities to see out the best prices for their roofing projects. We also pride ourselves in offering some of the most affordable and competitive pricing in the industry. As a result we are a TIPS/TAPS certified vendor.

TIPS/TAPS is a cooperative purchasing systems that is intended to provide school districts and other governmental entities the ability to efficiently and economically acquire goods and services. As a result, schools and governments can ensure that they are getting their goods and services delivered quickly and efficiently for the most competitive price available. The co-op also equilizes purchasing power for smaller entities that are unable to command the best contracts for themselves.

For more information about the TIPS/TAPS program, please contact us at 800.997.9727.

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